Why Freedom Abstract

Many home buyers aren’t aware that title insurance exists, or that lenders require you to have it when purchasing a home. They also don’t understand its purpose of value. Many consumers are unaware that they have the right and ability to choose the title company they get their insurance through, and that choosing the right company is extremely important. Title insurance protects you against complications that pertain to a property, such as liens, mortgages, encroachments and back taxes left over from previous owners. Hiring Freedom Abstract protects the buyer against prior complications that may arise long after the closing. We all know that service matters; the key is to hire a company that prides themselves on communication with all the parties involved, efficiency, accuracy and exceeding your expectations.

What is title insurance?

It is an insurance policy that protects you in the event that previously undisclosed liens, encroachments or other defects in your title arise. For example: imagine you purchase your dream home, and after the closing you are notified that the previous owner has not paid the property taxes for several years. Those taxes remain a a lien against the property, and you, as the new owner, are now responsible for them.

Another example where this might arise is if the previous owner had some work done on the home and did not pay their contractor. The contractor's company could place a lien against the home, and without a title search and title insurance, the new buyer is now responsible for the full amount owed.

The scenarios are endless, and that’s where an Owner’s Title Insurance Policy kicks in to protect you.

Why Freedom Abstract?

While there are many different companies to choose from, Freedom Abstract is an independent title company. We are not owned or operated by anyone linked to your home purchase or refinance. It is important to have a title insurance company that can provide you with great service, and is free from any conflict of interest. An independent company like Freedom focuses on one thing and one thing only - making sure that the consumer is fully covered and protected.

What are the fees associated with obtaining title insurance?

Fees can vary from one title company to another, and as we all know, the lowest fees are not necessarily the best. You know the phrase “you get what you pay for.” You should not choose a title company simply to save a few dollars. You want to ensure things are done well and on time to protect you in the future.

Buying or even refinancing your home can be very costly. Be sure to ask for an outline of all fees associated with the transaction.

Purchasing a home is one of the most important investments in your life and can be very stressful. Selecting the right title insurance company is extremely important for a stress free process and peace of mind long after the closing. Please remember, you have the right to choose. You shouldn’t feel pressured by anyone. You are in control to choose Freedom Abstract.